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Your donation to Russian Evangelistic Ministries is greatly appreciated. It is used prayerfully to support the preaching of the Gospel and the establishment of new local churches among unreached people groups in the former Soviet Union. 

You may make your donation to our ministry in one of two ways:

1 - Send a check or money order

Please send any checks or money orders to the following address:

Russian Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.
P.O.Box 26307
San Diego, CA 92196-0307


2 - Donate online through Paypal

You can also donate online through Paypal,  a secure and trusted online way to donate.  To donate online, just click the button below:



Note: Paypal does receive just over 2% of your donation as a processing fee.  This is an administrative fee typical of online payment services.  For example: If you donate $10.00 to Russian Evangelistic Ministries through Paypal, Russian Evangelistic Ministries will actually receive approximately $9.70.  The entire amount of your donation is deductible for tax purposes.