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1. Missionary support

REM supports 75 native missionary families who live in communities of unreached peoples in the former Soviet Union and organize local churches.  Twenty percent of Russia's population is made up of 160 different ethnic minorities who have yet to be reached with the Gospel.  The ministry seeks to reach these people and those of neighboring Central Asian countries with the Gospel by supporting native missionaries from the persecuted church.


2. Evangelism campaigns in remote regions

Since the vast majority of the unreached ethnic groups live in remote geographic areas, the missionaries prayerfully engage in evangelism programs that require extensive travel from town to town, village to village, and tepee to tepee.  Russia is an immense and sparsely populated country.  REM seeks to compensate for this fact by providing funds to the missionaries for transportation and travel expenses for these evangelistic campaigns.


3. Support for growing local churches

REM believes that a local church should grow with predominantly local support. In special circumstances we support our growing new churches with the purchase of construction materials for new church buildings. Today, whenever a church is built, it offers more than a mere place to assemble - it also serves as a visible witness in the community.  Local believers provide free labor for the construction of these churches.


4. Publication of Christian literature

REM supports the production of Christian literature that is essential for the ministry of our missionaries.  The literature is published by the Christian Publishers in Russia.  These are the same publishers who used home-made printing presses to produce Bibles and other literature "underground" to serve the needs of the persecuted church during Soviet times.  Many believers served multiple prison terms for their publishing ministry.  With God's blessing, their ministry continues to supply the spiritual need of the people in the former Soviet Union.


5. Outreach to children and youth 

The important task of evangelism is reaching the next generation with the Gospel.  REM helps to organize children’s Christian camps.  These week-long gatherings take place in the outdoors where children can learn about Jesus. A new initiative of REM is to support the establishment of private Christian schools, which has recently become legal in Russia.