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Persecution in Central Asia Featured

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One of our missionaries from Central Asia writes...

In October of 2011, Kazakhstan adopted a new law, which prohibits a free assembly of Christians without a mandatory registration.  The law extends even to the meetings of Christians in private homes and includes a comprehensive prohibition against missionary activity, Sunday school classes, and many other activities that essentially make it impossible for a church to exist in Kazakhstan.  But we are encouraged by the story of Daniel in the Bible, who continued to pray three times a day, even after the king signed a decree.  

Our churches share Daniel’s position, even though some believers are worried.  We do not know how this law will impact us once it is fully implemented, but we know that some ministers have already been taken to courts and were issued substantial fines.  According to the new law, leading a church is punishable by a fine of $3,000.  Those who attend church are also subject to fines.  The law also prohibits the transportation of religious literature into Kazakhstan.  

Churches are in danger of losing the literature that is kept in the pews.  Our church has already distributed all the literature among believers, for safekeeping.  Apart from this, we continue to share the Gospel with others and bring our children to church.  The pastors from neighboring towns continue to minister as they did before.   We rejoice to see the Lord’s mighty work in Turkmenistan.  In August, I visited believers there and performed a baptism.  During these church services in believer’s homes, people came forward in repentance.  

Christians continue to encounter many hardships, and it is very difficult to bring Christian literature into Turkmenistan.  Our work is all the more difficult because the only entry we can obtain into this country is a short five-day transit visa.  And yet, we are grateful to God for the people who we see come to the Lord in this country.   We are encouraged that God’s Word does not return void.  We know some people who turned to the Lord more than twenty years after they first heard the Gospel, when it was preached publicly during the 1990s!

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