The animist people of the North and the Far East of Russia

Siberia extends from the Ural Mountains on the west to the Pacific Ocean on the east and covers more territory than Canada.  At least 31 indigenous ethnic groups call this vast area their home.  These people lead a nomadic way of life, and engage in traditional occupations such as hunting, fishing, reindeer breeding and herding.  Tragically for them, they also practice paganism.

In 1993, REM provided funds for the first missionary team to Evenkia, Polar Siberia.  Since then, the ministry has been supporting a number of long-term missionaries who have relocated with their families to this area to live and minister among the indigenous people.  In addition to other hardships, the missionaries have to endure the harsh climate and the vastness of the area: the population density in Siberia is less than 1 person per square mile.