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Frequently Asked Questions

How many missionary families does the ministry currently support?

The ministry currently provides support to 65 missionary families.  Due to the great need in laborers on the mission fields, we hope that this number can grow. 

How long has Russian Evangelistic Ministries been in existence?

The Lord helped us to establish the ministry in 1993, shortly after the doors became open in the former Soviet Union for the preaching of the Gospel.

How often is your newsletter published?

The ministry's newsletter is published four times a year.

How can I help?

First, pray that the Lord will open the doors that the Gospel may go forth, and that He will meet the financial needs of the missionaries.  Second, learn more about what the Lord is doing in the former Soviet Union by subscribing to the ministry's newsletter.  Third, if the Lord leads you to support the missionaries financially, we would love to hear from you.      

What if my question was not answered by the FAQ?

Please contact us using our contact page and we'll be more than glad to answer any questions that you may have!  Simply click on this sentence to go to the contact page!